The Emerging Concept of Community Development Parks (CDP): An Evaluation of Rashidabad CDP


  • Ayesha Nazuk
  • Syed Irteza Ali Shah
  • Samina Naveed



The concept of "Science Parks" is a well-known concept, whereas the phrase "Community Development Parks" is embryonic, even though there is a need to consider these as equally important. The Community Development Parks form social transformation matrices, encouraging the social inclusion of community groups by offering an environment conducive to common identity formation. This study aims to assess the overall performance of a Community Development Park titled, Rashidabad in Tando Allahyar, initiated by Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization (RMWO). This Community Development Park not only creates
rural-urban interaction, thereby generating positive externalities for adjoining areas, but it also provides health, education, and employment opportunities. The current study delineates motivational channels that explain the initiation of this Community Development Park. The results of the study show that Rashidabad has proved to be exemplary in uplifting education and health facilities for the local community, besides contributing to social inclusion.