Balanced Transportation Problems with an Alternative Methodology for the Allocation Table Method


  • Nabeela Baloch
  • Asif Ali Shaikh
  • Wajid Ali Shaikh
  • Sania Qureshi


Balanced transportation problems;Cost-minimizing transportation problems;Initial Basic feasible solutions; Optimal solution


This research proposes an alternative approach to the allocation table method (AATM) to identify initial basic-feasible solutions (IBFS) for the balanced transportation problems (BTP). The proposed AATM has fewer steps and produces faster results than the ATM. Furthermore, the efficiency of the proposed technique has been examined by performing a variety of cost-minimizing transportation problems (TP). Therefore, it has been found that the proposed method estimates the optimal result as an efficient computed tool in comparison to conventional NWCM, LCM, VAM, and ATM methods.