Applicability of Character Strengths at Work and Flourishing in Employees


  • Tahira Mubashar
  • Quratul Ain
  • Soulat Khan


Character strengths, applicability, flourishing, situational circumstances


Personal fulfillment is one of the fundamental criteria of character strengths
which can be rooted back in the emergence of Values in Action Classification of Character Strengths. Recently, extensive research demonstrated the promising role of character strengths in well-being. Therefore, this research aimed to examine the role of applicability of character strengths in the flourishing of employees in the work domain specifically by examining the association between them as well as by analyzing the predictive role of applicability of character strengths in flourishing. Another aim of the research was to see the gender differences in the applicability of character strengths and flourishing. The sample consisted of 151 employees (77 men, 74 women) who had at least one year of work experience. Pearson product-moment correlation was conducted to see the association between situational circumstances of character strengths and flourishing. The analysis indicated that 23 character strengths correlated with flourishing (an exception was found for humor). Regression analyses yielded that eight character strengths (i.e., curiosity, love of learning, perspective, perseverance, social intelligence, teamwork, prudence, and spirituality) emerged as significant predictors of the flourishing of employees. Lastly, independent samples t-test analysis showed that gender differences existed such as the applicability of 17 character strengths was higher in men as compared to women
at work. The limitations, suggestions for future research, and implications are discussed.