Analysis of Child Mortality on Geographical Basis Over Different Centuries


  • Zainab Javed
  • Anam Javaid
  • Sumbal Javaid
  • Arsalan Javed



Child Mortality Comparison, Geographical, Centuries, Analysis.


There are many variables involved in real life problem child mortality so it is difficult to choose an significant results out all of possible years relating to analytical factors. Child mortality rate is an issue specially in the developing and under developed countries. Because many children died due to different kind of diseases and unavailability of the health facilities, especially in under developed countries. The current research focus on the child mortality rate analysis. The analysis is carried out for the child mortality rate by the geographical analysis over time. The results shows that the highest mortality rate was found high in Angola 392.4367 and lowest was found in 187 United kingdom. The child mortality rate was found to be different through centuries and through year in two way analysis of variance test.