Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Student’s Education


  • Muhammad Kashif
  • Aziz ur Rehman
  • Muhammad Imran Qadir
  • Muhammad Kashan Javed
  • Anam Javaid
  • Sumbal Javaid
  • Arsalan Javaid



Education, Digital learning, Class-based learning.


The main goal of this report is to investigate the effects of coronavirus on student's education. The collected data is represented in different charts. A questionnaire-based on 14 different questions is formed for this paper. The responses on the questionnaire was collected by sending it via social media channels (Facebook and WhatsApp). In this study 1088 people were included and out of them 400 people responded on the questionnaire. Through this study, it has been concluded that students are literally getting affected due to COVID-19, and outcomes also suggest thatclass-based learning is more effective than digital learning.