COVID-19- A Blessing in Disguise for the Education Sector of Pakistan


  • Waqar Mahmood Khan Department of English Linguistics, University of Okara, Pakistan



COVID-19, Pandemic, Tech-Savvy, Education Sector


This research is aimed at identifying the positive impacts of Covid-19 pandemic in relation to the education sector of Pakistan. Generally, individuals have a lot to talk about the devastating effects of the pandemic but this work of research identifies the positive aspects of the Corona virus on the education sector of the country. The data has been gathered from various educational institutions of the province of the Punjab. Population of the study includes both the students as well as the tutors and it has been located as to how the students and their tutors have both become tech-savvy by engaging themselves in online teaching-learning process through different web-based utilities such as Zoom, Google Classroom, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Moodle etc.