International Corruption and Shareholder Litigation: A Perspective of CSR in Pakistan


  • Aamir Abbas
  • Atika Lohani
  • Muhammad Mumtaz Ali Khan



The significance and importance of corporate social responsibility requires that companies must take into consideration the multi-stakeholder interests ranging from environment, economic and other social impacts of corporate actions. The profiteering of corporations has made business actions questionable which is particularly evident in developing states.This article encompasses issues of corruption and bribery in commercial transactions as a corporate social responsibility aspect and sheds light on shareholders’ derivative right of actions for the implementation of CSR issues. It also looks into mandatory bars on derivative claims and relationship of CSR to derivative claims considering the social responsibilities of shareholders in corporations. This potentially establishes that breach of duties on the part of directors and other corporate wrongs damaging society at large are required to be taken to courts and need to be remedied.