Career Choices of Youth: Parents’ Guidance, Support, and Career Aspirations


  • Lubna Salamat
  • Nasreen Akhter


Career Aspirations, Guidance and Support, Parents, Twelve Grade Students


Schooling of a child starts at home. So, parents’ guidance and support play a significant role in defining and affecting their children's career aspirations. Providing guidance and support to their children is a cognitive process regarding selection of a particular career in future. This study was focuses on parents and their children because parents inspire their children to strive for a better future. They take care of their children's wants and needs. The main objectives of this study were to analyze the effects of parent’s guidance and support on their children career aspirations and investigate the effects of parent’s qualification, residence, and profession on their children career aspirations. The study was descriptive in nature and survey method was used. The sample was drawn by using the convenient sampling techniques. Sample was taken from the district of Sahiwal, Punjab, consisting of 400 students of twelve grade level and 40 schools from government higher secondary schools. Self- constructed questionnaire was
used to collect data from students. The analysis was completed on SPSS. Result of the study founded that parent’s guide and support their children without gender discrimination. Parents have equal career aspiration for their sons and daughters. Parents guidance have positive effects on children career aspirations. Parents support have also positive effects on children career aspiration. Parents qualification have a positive impact on children career aspiration. It was recommended that parents need to adopt positive behavior that is associated with their children career aspirations Government may need to arranged awareness
programmed for rural area’s parents. Social media could also play an important role on this topic, their programs will provide awareness to parents that show how parents career aspirations change their children life goals and what its effect on
students’ future life.