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This study introduced a new method to detect the potential space-time clusters with no restriction on cluster shape and size and further visualize them distinctly on the heat map. The proposed algorithm is based on matrix factorization technique to find the significant components in spatial as well as temporal dimension. Applications to malaria data in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan shows that the proposed method is effective in detecting the potential clusters.</p> Sami Ullah Fahim Raees Zahid Khan Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-26 2022-04-26 4 1 1 9 10.52700/scir.v4i1.78 The Responsibility of the State for the Conduct of its Entities in ICSID Jurisprudence <p>It is a good omen that the tribunals have started applying International Law Commission's Articles on state’s responsibility in a logical order. But this application has created another inconsistency. Tribunals neither interpret these Articles consistently nor do they apply the same tests developed under an individual Article to determine the attribution of a specific act to a state. This inconsistent attitude is affecting the predictability of investment law. After highlighting the importance of consistency in this subject, this paper suggests the preferable interpretation to be adopted consistently.</p> Ikram Ullah Aisha Tariq Tauseef Iqbal Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-26 2022-04-26 4 1 11 18 10.52700/scir.v4i1.79 Investigation of Antecedents and Outcomes of Employee Based Brand Equity in Services Sector of Pakistan <p>There is twofold purpose of the research; one is to empirically test the employee based brand equity (EBBE) model by integrating the major practices which include internal brand management, internal relationship marketing and internal marketing practices. It provides great insight for organization how to manage employees effectively with consideration to internal brand building. Secondly this model presents more appropriate and comprehensive way to determine organizational benefits. The cross-sectional study design with development of survey questionnaire to collect the data. The data was collected from CSR department of Telecommunication companies. The results shows strong support for the model and all the hypothesis were in support except the partial mediation of one hypothesis. This means the validation of model used for this research. The study contains both theoretical and managerial implications which contribute towards its soundness. Theoretically this study provides a more comprehensive and integrated view of EBBE and its benefits. Along with this also enriches the literature in this area of marketing. This study models the maximum practices of EBBE under one umbrella. Looking towards its managerial implications it provides help the management to analyse and understand the factors that influence the employee. This also provides a wider picture of benefits that are result of successful implementation of this model. On the basis of this model the management can make decisions and take initiatives to the employee’s perception towards the branding and their positive impact in brand building. This research makes following important contributions; strengthen the EBBE literature; secondly provides more comprehensive view of EBBE; thirdly this analysis is made in services sector of developing country context; fourth incorporate the employee’s perceptions towards the brand building efforts and how organizations can deal with it.</p> Zeeshan Rasool Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Kamran Muhammad Obaid Aslam Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-26 2022-04-26 4 1 19 38 10.52700/scir.v4i1.80 International Corruption and Shareholder Litigation: A Perspective of CSR in Pakistan <p>The significance and importance of corporate social responsibility requires that companies must take into consideration the multi-stakeholder interests ranging from environment, economic and other social impacts of corporate actions. The profiteering of corporations has made business actions questionable which is particularly evident in developing states.This article encompasses issues of corruption and bribery in commercial transactions as a corporate social responsibility aspect and sheds light on shareholders’ derivative right of actions for the implementation of CSR issues. It also looks into mandatory bars on derivative claims and relationship of CSR to derivative claims considering the social responsibilities of shareholders in corporations. This potentially establishes that breach of duties on the part of directors and other corporate wrongs damaging society at large are required to be taken to courts and need to be remedied.</p> Aamir Abbas Atika Lohani Muhammad Mumtaz Ali Khan Copyright (c) 2022 2022-04-26 2022-04-26 4 1 39 46 10.52700/scir.v4i1.81 Career Choices of Youth: Parents’ Guidance, Support, and Career Aspirations <p>Schooling of a child starts at home. So, parents’ guidance and support play a significant role in defining and affecting their children's career aspirations. Providing guidance and support to their children is a cognitive process regarding selection of a particular career in future. This study was focuses on parents and their children because parents inspire their children to strive for a better future. They take care of their children's wants and needs. The main objectives of this study were to analyze the effects of parent’s guidance and support on their children career aspirations and investigate the effects of parent’s qualification, residence, and profession on their children career aspirations. The study was descriptive in nature and survey method was used. The sample was drawn by using the convenient sampling techniques. Sample was taken from the district of Sahiwal, Punjab, consisting of 400 students of twelve grade level and 40 schools from government higher secondary schools. Self- constructed questionnaire was<br>used to collect data from students. The analysis was completed on SPSS. Result of the study founded that parent’s guide and support their children without gender discrimination. Parents have equal career aspiration for their sons and daughters. Parents guidance have positive effects on children career aspirations. Parents support have also positive effects on children career aspiration. Parents qualification have a positive impact on children career aspiration. It was recommended that parents need to adopt positive behavior that is associated with their children career aspirations Government may need to arranged awareness<br>programmed for rural area’s parents. Social media could also play an important role on this topic, their programs will provide awareness to parents that show how parents career aspirations change their children life goals and what its effect on<br>students’ future life.</p> Lubna Salamat Nasreen Akhter Copyright (c) 2022 2022-06-20 2022-06-20 4 1 47 60 Delta Perturbation Method for Thin Film Flow of a Third Grade Fluid on a Vertical Moving Belt <p>In this paper, we theoretically investigate the lift problem for thin film flow of a third-grade fluid on a vertical moving belt by using of delta perturbation method (DPM). The continuity and momentum equations model the problem and DPM method is employed to solve equations analytically. The DPM is type of perturbation technique and introduced by Bender and his colleagues in 1980s.<br>Substitutions ????2 + ????3 = 0and subsequently DPM method leads to Newtonian solution. The closed form expressions for velocity and temperature profiles, average velocity, volume flux and net upward flow are worked out. The relation between various emerging parameters and velocity profile vz, and temperature profile are presented graphically and as well as by using table, from where, we have pointed out that third grade fluid will uplift quickly as the increase of dynamic viscosity and decrease of the&nbsp; constant parameters, density and uniform thickness, it is also noted for proposed model that temperature distribution rises for the constant parameters, uniform thickness and density of the fluid and small values of thermal conductivity and dynamic viscosity of the fluid.</p> Syed Asad Raza Shah K. N. Memon S. F. Shah A. H. Sheikh A. M. Siddiqui Copyright (c) 2022 2022-06-20 2022-06-20 4 1 61 73 The Emerging Concept of Community Development Parks (CDP): An Evaluation of Rashidabad CDP <p>The concept of "Science Parks" is a well-known concept, whereas the phrase "Community Development Parks" is embryonic, even though there is a need to consider these as equally important. The Community Development Parks form social transformation matrices, encouraging the social inclusion of community groups by offering an environment conducive to common identity formation. This study aims to assess the overall performance of a Community Development Park titled, Rashidabad in Tando Allahyar, initiated by Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization (RMWO). This Community Development Park not only creates<br>rural-urban interaction, thereby generating positive externalities for adjoining areas, but it also provides health, education, and employment opportunities. The current study delineates motivational channels that explain the initiation of this Community Development Park. The results of the study show that Rashidabad has proved to be exemplary in uplifting education and health facilities for the local community, besides contributing to social inclusion.</p> Ayesha Nazuk Syed Irteza Ali Shah Samina Naveed Copyright (c) 2022 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 4 1 75 98 10.52700/scir.v4i1.100 Balanced Transportation Problems with an Alternative Methodology for the Allocation Table Method <p>This research proposes an alternative approach to the allocation table method (AATM) to identify initial basic-feasible solutions (IBFS) for the balanced transportation problems (BTP). The proposed AATM has fewer steps and produces faster results than the ATM. Furthermore, the efficiency of the proposed technique has been examined by performing a variety of cost-minimizing transportation problems (TP). Therefore, it has been found that the proposed method estimates the optimal result as an efficient computed tool in comparison to conventional NWCM, LCM, VAM, and ATM methods.</p> Nabeela Baloch Asif Ali Shaikh Wajid Ali Shaikh Sania Qureshi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 4 1 99 111 Applicability of Character Strengths at Work and Flourishing in Employees <p>Personal fulfillment is one of the fundamental criteria of character strengths<br>which can be rooted back in the emergence of Values in Action Classification of Character Strengths. Recently, extensive research demonstrated the promising role of character strengths in well-being. Therefore, this research aimed to examine the role of applicability of character strengths in the flourishing of employees in the work domain specifically by examining the association between them as well as by analyzing the predictive role of applicability of character strengths in flourishing. Another aim of the research was to see the gender differences in the applicability of character strengths and flourishing. The sample consisted of 151 employees (77 men, 74 women) who had at least one year of work experience. Pearson product-moment correlation was conducted to see the association between situational circumstances of character strengths and flourishing. The analysis indicated that 23 character strengths correlated with flourishing (an exception was found for humor). Regression analyses yielded that eight character strengths (i.e., curiosity, love of learning, perspective, perseverance, social intelligence, teamwork, prudence, and spirituality) emerged as significant predictors of the flourishing of employees. Lastly, independent samples t-test analysis showed that gender differences existed such as the applicability of 17 character strengths was higher in men as compared to women<br>at work. The limitations, suggestions for future research, and implications are discussed.</p> Tahira Mubashar Quratul Ain Soulat Khan Copyright (c) 2022 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 4 1 113 129